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What is Dark Taverns?

Dark Taverns is an open-world MMORPG set in a unique fantasy world filled with hidden secrets and magic. Explore the deep forests and discover mythical creatures and items… Create guilds with friends to combat new threats…or explore the world on your own! Discover dungeons, treasures and mysteries to aid you in your quests! Play our ever expanding adventures to learn more about the story while smiting down your enemies!

When mint and what price?

Pre-Mint – Aug 10th at 1pm EST
Public Mint – Aug 11th at 1pm EST

Price = 0.05 eth on Eth L1

What are we minting and which blockchain?

You will be minting Taverns on Eth L1. These Taverns come with a Cast Key and will be minted on Immutable X which unlocks additional items such as Mounts, Wings, and Weapons also minted on Immutable X post-reveal.

Is there a token?
We will not have a token.
Which in-game items will be NFT’s?
The majority of cosmetics can be forged into NFT’s. During gameplay, you may finish a quest and get rewarded. If eligible, that in-game item can be forged into an NFT which can then be sold/bought on the marketplace.
What is the P2E function?
We believe current games function as they should, but with Dark Taverns our in-game items have rarity. These items can be bought/sold in our marketplace. Dark Taverns is free-to-play, so anyone can play and earn in-game items.
Which systems will the game be on?
Our game is PC, Mac, mobile and console ready.
When will the game be out?
A playable story demo will be available shortly after mint. The full game release is targeted for Q1 2023. Until then, we will have various mints, airdrops and mini-games to keep you entertained.