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Dark Taverns

Own a Tavern inside the Dark Taverns game… And Outside of the Game!

What is a Dark Tavern?
When the game starts, all players will learn a few major story points. One of them is that all of the Taverns on the world of Iri have turned into Dimensional spaces and when you walk up to one and enter it, it takes you to a Dark Tavern or also referred to as a Dimensional Tavern.

What is a Dark Tavern used for in the game?
It has multiple uses. Some that are Tavern Owner agnostic which we refer to as Public Areas, and some that are specific for Tavern Owners which are the Private areas. Here is a breakdown:

Public Areas

Bind Points / Respawn Point / Save Point. Each player is randomly assigned to one of the 10K Dark Taverns (unless you own one) in the game. Every player loads the game inside their assigned Tavern, respawns inside a Tavern, and Saves inside a Tavern (NOTE: saves can happen outside of Taverns, but that does not make them safe to do so). Just because you are assigned a Tavern does not mean you have to stay with that specific one either. Each player can change which Tavern they are bound to. You can join another one at random, select one, or join one that your friends or guild are using.

Fast Travel Point / Town Portal. Dark Taverns are also how to fast travel to other areas you have previously visited quickly. After walking into one, you can exit one in any other Tavern location you have visited in the game!

Player Room Rental. Players will be able to rent private rooms for themselves inside Dark Taverns. Players will be able to select the duration of their stay and choose from different types of rooms they can rent. To start with there will only be two options, but we hope to offer more customizable options in the future with help from the Tavern Owners.

+ Personal Rooms. A single player room that only the player renting it can enter. This room will have a bed and a storage chest. The primary purpose of this type of room is to use it to have your character sleep to regain their health, mana, and stamina quickly. The secondary purpose is to have a large item storage bin to store most loot.


+ Party Rooms (No it doesn’t mean that!). This type or room is for multiple players to enter and use at the same time. They can all sleep to recover, have their own storage chests, but they can also chat strategy together, and have a secure storage for the whole group to access at the same time. The size of the party when renting the room will dictate who can access it.

Bar Drinks. The bar area in the Tavern is a unique area where players can purchase consumables such as Beers, Ales, and Meeds. These consumables can give players a few hours boost on a stat or two. These include increasing health, mana, strength, etc.. In the future we hope to allow the Tavern Owners to make their own custom drinks!

Private Areas

These rooms are places only players who are on a specific list can get access to. These can be friends, group members, or even just a specific invite that only certain people can access. There can multiple different VIP rooms as well depending on the size of the Dark Tavern the Owner has!

Ticket Required. These areas are places that only people who have the right ticket can get access to it. Again there are multiple options here such as unlimited tickets but people just have to purchase them (in game currency or NFT), but can also handle limited ticket access options. We also plan to work with our Tavern Owners to determine the ways they want to utilize these areas as they can be used for anything from comedy nights, music events, and live podcasting to D&D streams, Pay-Per-View, or Tavern Parties!

Guild Hall. Another type of area is the Guild Hall. This is a private area that all Guild members can have access as part of being in the Guild. We have a lot of plans for this part, but the main thing to note is that the options here will be a collaboration with the Tavern Owners as to what we do, how much we do, and when we do them.

What else should I know about owning a Dark Tavern?
A few other amazing things about owning one, are that we have various planned phases for them. Here are some examples of our planned features which will be done in conjunction with Tavern Owners.

Proximity Chat. All Dark Tavern rooms have Proximity voice and text chat. Just approach different groups to hear or see their texts

Leveling. Yes, Taverns will have levels to them just like characters. The most players use them, spend time and in game currency in them, and you as the owner upgrade them, the Tavern will level up adding more and more options to them.

Out of Game Options. The Private Areas of the Tavern will be able to exist outside of the game itself. Meaning if you have a Ticketed Event or Virtual VIP rooms, those will be accessible through links instead of having to login to the game itself.

AR / VR / XR. In future phases, we have plans for a full XR experience where people can enter the Taverns for a full experience from a First-Person point of view.

Multiple Taverns. While a single account may own multiple Taverns up to 10, only one can be assigned to a player at a time in the game.

Tavern Naming. We do plan to allow for Tavern Owners to name their Taverns. However, to keep them always unique and not cause a land grab scenario, we plan to have the name of the Tavern followed by the Tavern’s ID number.


Cast Keys

Open the secrets to Dark Taverns… or to a few easter eggs!

What is a Cast Key?
Cast Keys are magical keys that can resonate at different power levels and densities to both open and lock objects. They were created to safeguard some of the most important secrets, and make sure they did not fall into the wrong hands.

What is the Utility of Owning a Cast Key?
The Cast Keys share some unknown secrets themselves, but here are a few of the currently known uses:

Treasure Chests. While there are treasure chests of all different types in the world, not all of them can be easily opened. Just like with everything else in Dark Taverns, each chest has a Magical Density Tier to it. (We don’t use the term Rarity in the game, but these MDTs are essentially the same thing). If a player gets a Legendary treasure chest, that chest can only be opened if you have a Legendary Cast Key, take it to a special shop in town, or buy a one-use Legendary key.

Dungeons / Instances. As part of a unique feature with Dark Taverns, all dungeons and instances are procedurally generated. This means every time you as a player enter them, they are different. On top of that the level of difficulty for the instance is based on if you have cleared the dungeon before. As an example, if you have never played through a dungeon, the first Magical Density Tier for it would be Common. Then after you have beaten the dungeon, and entered it again, you have the option to challenge it as a Common and the next Tier up of Uncommon. This cycle keeps going everytime you beat the highest Tier you have access to. However if you have a Cast Key that is of a Magical Density Tier of Legendary then you have the option of choosing the dungeon to be that Tier or less from the start. Meaning the first time you enter the dungeon you can choose Legendary if you choose instead of having to grind through the various Tiers.

Unknown. Since the Cast Keys can also have their three rings inside them rotate, they can change combinations like a lock that can have unknown effects when used in different situations in the game… Can you test them all and see what secrets lay inside?


Want to travel faster around the world? Take one of our unique mounts across the land!

What do the wings do other than look cool? Guess you will have to check them out and see!

These speak for themselves, however we do have much more than Swords, Daggers, and Axes. Magic Guns, Scythes, and Sceptors just to name a few of the more unique types!

Bonus Items at Launch